Vericom Response: Perception-Reaction-Time Solution


Product Description

The Vericom Response system is designed for testing Perception and Reaction Times under simulated driving conditions. The system includes steering wheel and pedal hardware as the input for test subject reactions.  The instructor has the option to select from 9 standard driving simulation videos - such as city driving, rainy conditions, or mountain curves.  The reaction stimulus is selected from a set of 'objects' that appear on the driving video at a randomized time.  Vericom Response is designed to be used in an office environment in front of a computer monitor with the steering wheel mounted in front of the client and the pedals resting on the floor. The results from each test are saved for comparative analysis and review.

Technical Details

  • Windows PC (7 or later)
  • 3 GB Available Hard Drive Space
  • 14 Inch Monitor (Recommend for Best Viewing)
  • Minimum Monitor Resolution of 1024x786 (Recommended for Best Viewing)
  • USB Port for Connecting the Wheel/Pedal System
  • Available Standard Printer to Print Preformatted Reports
  • Displays the total perception/reaction time of the test subject in response to a stimulus displayed within the video on the monitor.
  • Displays the time it takes the test subject to remove their foot from the accelerator in response to the stimulus.
  • Displays the time required to transition from the accelerator pedal to the brake pedal.
  • Displays the distance traveled during the reaction time.
  • Stores data to the computer disk for future reference.


Response Software and Wheel/Pedal Hardware


P/N 117325
*Price includes shipping to the contiguous United States.

Response Software ONLY


P/N 117330

Response Wheel and Pedals


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